About Us

We are a family run Farm into its 4 generation, growing crops including Wheat, Barley, Oilseed Rape & Sugar Beet on approximately 400acres of land. Usually December is a quite month on the farm growing the crops, so we decided to diversify into the Christmas market. So in 2008 Farmer Sam took stock of some Christmas trees to sell to the public. And it has grown year on year ever since.

Our philosophy right from the start was to provide the public with the best trees available at very reasonable prices. That philosophy has never changed. Here at the Farm, we will have 40+ trees out on display at any one time. They are all out of nets and stood up on a pinned frame so you can walk through them like a mini forest and spin them round, to find ‘the one’ for you. We are a small team selling the Christmas trees, who like to give the best customer service. We will help with expert advice if needed. Once you have picked you tree, we will net it up and carry it to your car. Obviously it can be fairly cold out in the barn selling the Christmas trees so we occasionally crack open our homemade Sloe Gin to keep us warm! Don’t be afraid to ask for a glass if you see some out!